Use AI to unlock the value of your content
Transform your articles into money-making machines

CUB's patent-pending technology automatically scans your articles for relevant keywords, such as team & player names, and enhances them with live odds and geo-targeted affiliate links from all major sportsbooks.

The Ultimate Sports Content Monetization Tool

CUB is an all-in-one solution that simplifies the process of maximizing affiliate revenue. Simply install one line of code on your website and CUB uses AI to automatically uncover and link all of the right keywords to all of the right sportsbooks. With CUB, readers enjoy a dynamic and engaging user experience, while publishers benefit from increased revenue potential and audience insights.

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Every Sportsbook

CUB supports more than 20 major sportsbooks — and growing. It also makes it easy for publishers to monetize traffic from non-legal states with affiliate links to fantasy and free-to-play platforms.

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Multiply Your Revenue

With CUB, publishers save time, increase revenue, and enhance reader engagement through the seamless integration of live odds and dynamic hover cards. Geo-targeted and at scale.

Multiply Your

Instantly generate more affiliate revenue while giving your visitors an improved and professional-looking reading experience.

Put CUB to work. Invest your time where it's needed


Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle or coding required.

CUB scans all of your articles in real-time and auto-links the right keywords to the right sportsbooks based on context and the geo-location of your readers.


It's impossible to manually link all the right keywords to all the right books. Let CUB do it for you.

  • financeExponential increase in affiliate links
  • shadowContextual hover cards drive even more clicks


Choose from a library of designs that seamlessly fit into your articles.

  • scoreLive in-line odds
  • shadowRich hover cards
  • diamond_gemSportsbook branding


Automatically present the most relevant real-time bets to readers based on their location.


Use CUB's analytics to optimize your content strategy by focusing on editorial content that generates the highest revenue.


CUB uses AI to understand the context of your content to ensure that the right keywords are linked to the right bets.

From multi-sportsbook support to powerful analytics - CUB has it all

It can be next to impossible to manage a myriad of affiliate links from multiple sportsbooks across multiple states. It can be even more challenging to code these links in so that they appear at the right place in your articles and to the right viewers. CUB does this all for you instantly - at scale - and makes your articles more engaging to read, to boot.

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