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What is CUB?

CUB is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that intelligently turns keywords into clickable affiliate links that are supercharged with live odds/lines and hover cards.

Who is CUB made for?

CUB is designed for sports media sites, networks, and betting affiliates.

How do you install CUB?

Once you sign up for your account, we give you a snippet of code that you add to your website or app. Once that's installed, CUB runs in the background to drive affiliate revenue and engagement based on your settings.

How does CUB improve engagement?

CUB automatically injects contextually-relevant live odds/lines directly into your articles, at the exact right location. What's more, readers can hover over keywords to see player images, the odds for upcoming games, and more.

How does CUB increase revenue?

CUB instantly scans all of your articles and automatically places the exact affiliate link that you want to be used on customizable keywords and the location of the viewer. To do this process manually would take expensive custom programming and a massive investment in human capital.

Does CUB work on mobile devices?

CUB works on any website or app. Contact us if you have questions about installation.

What sportsbooks does CUB support?

CUB currently has baked-in support for FanDuel, DraftKings, Tipico, BetMGM, and Caesars. We continue to add more books all the time. Contact us if you would like us to add support for a book not listed above.

Can I use CUB to promote books not listed above?

CUB can be used to promote any sportsbook or to link to any website based on keywords and the geolocation of your readers. However, only sportsbooks that are integrated into CUB have the ability to show live odds/lines and upcoming events in line with your article and on hover cards.

What about Fantasy?

CUB can be used to link to Fantasy and Real-Money Fantasy sites. This is an effective way to monetize your content in states where betting is not yet legal.

Does CUB slow down my page or app?

CUB is designed with speed in mind and will add virtually zero latency to your article views. This is accomplished by utilizing lazy-load technology to display CUB elements.

What about stats?

CUB offers a full, easy-to-use dashboard where you can log in 24/7 to change settings and to see stats and important KPIs.

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